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Osho recounting a Moses experience

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This is from the first edition of Osho Neo Tarot cards. The transformation deck.
And because there have been some posts here about Moses, it just seemed serendipity to include this:
More on Osho here.


Moses once came across a man who was praying, but he was saying such an absurd prayer that Moses stopped. And not only absurd, but the prayer was insulting to God! The man was saying, “Let me come close to you, God, and I promise that I will clean your body when it is dirty. If lice are there, I will take them away. And I am a good shoemaker, I will make you perfect shoes. Nobody looks after you, Lord…I will look after you! When you are ill, I will serve you and bring you medicine. And I am a good cook too!”

Moses shouted, “Stop! Stop this nonsense! What are you saying? That God has lice on his body? And his clothes are dirty and you will clean them? And you will be his cook? From whom have you learned this prayer?”

The man said, “I have not learned it from anywhere. I am a very poor and uneducated man, and I know I don’t know how to pray. I have made it up…and these are the things that I know. Lice trouble me very much, so they must trouble God. And sometimes the food I get is not very good, and my stomach aches. God must be also suffering sometimes. This is just my own experi­ence that has become my prayer. But if you know the right prayer, please teach me.”

So Moses taught him the right prayer. The man bowed down to Moses, thanked him, with tears of deep gratitude flowing. He went away, and Moses was very happy, he thought that he had done a good deed. He looked to the sky to see what God thought about it.

And God was very angry! He said, “I have sent you there to bring people closer to me, but now you have thrown away one of my greatest lovers. Now this ‘right prayer’ you have taught him won’t be a prayer at all-because prayer has nothing to do with the law, it is love. Love is a law unto itself, it needs no other law.”

And with love, grace happens. And with love, truth. Remember, if you can understand truth, truth liberates. And there is no other liberation.


The card makers message:

Do not interfere with another person’s love and prayer.

Drop the idea that you know the way to love or pray.

Simply respect other people that howsoever they are loving or praying is perfect for them.

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