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Jeruslem Post misses the Bloggers and shoots itself

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The Jerusalem Post slanders two Bloggers, and defends Israel by pointing out their supposed shortfalls, of the Hawaii based blogger whatreallyhappened:


I’ve never seen this fellow address his own sins of occupation – the one where he is part of the horde of mainland Americans who have occupied Hawaii, breaking treaties signed with the sovereign Kingdom of Hawaii

Now lets transliterate that:

We have never addressed our own sins of occupation – the one where we – a horde of Jews have occupied Palestine, breaking treaties signed with them …

Anyway whatreallyhappened has in fact addressed the issue of Hawaii’s overeignty here:

Steve Amsel alias Desert Peace is an incomparable peace activist and my Blog associate : www.desertpeace.blogspot.com/. Every single day, he writes several posts about the dreadful situation in Palestine, denouncing the Israeli crimes and occupation.

Steve Amsel alias Desert Peace is an incomparable peace activist and my Blog associate {Ben Heine}: http://desertpeace.wordpress.com. Every single day, he writes several posts about the dreadful situation in Palestine, denouncing the Israeli crimes and occupation." Picture from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/benheine/1089648099/ "

And of DesertPeace, the Jpost  condemns the authour because he writes about Gaza yet he isn’t actually there. Doesn’t that get your back up?

Is it reverse psychology? Preparing the Jerusalem Post readers for Gaza stories? Who knows how to decipher double talk? Obviously, for the Jerusalem Post the Gazans are less than human and deserve no consideration.

Yet there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Pointing out two “anti-Israel and anti-Jewish writers.” is how the Jerusalem post labeled these two web sites.

The ‘Jewish’ thing is the bottom line. And the two sites that the Jerusalem post slanders have Jewish connections: Desertpeace is run by a Jew (which I didn’t know) and Mike Rivero of whatreallyhappened is married to a Jew.

Is world Jewry considering the world without Zionism? Mondoweiss recently made a post how he could once again mix with other Jews as the nationalism [Zionism] had evaporated.

It’s worth considering? The Jewish people maintain the reigns on the world of finance and media and accept that every country does not have to overtly support Israel. Better that than everything sinking through AIPAC type support.

For reasons I do not know the most treacherous thing a Jew can do is deny his or her Jewishness. No doubt it is biblical in origin and will pass. But until then an individual will be harangued to death.


On  a similar subject of the power of Bloggers Prorev has a long post which challenges AP’s attack on bloggers, and on how bloggers can survive without a Big News Agency. Both Prorev and whtreallyhappened have served upwards of 30,000,000 visitors.

Prorev’s post starts like this:

April 13, 2009


Sam Smith

Watching Tom Curley on the Charlie Rose Show, I began to feel really sorry for him. The horrible things that were happening to his company, the threat to his business model, the vicious dogs yapping at his legs. He was a sad, dreary and bitter man, the sort of guy who might have a hard time knowing it was a new morning if his alarm didn’t tell him.

Tom Curley is CEO of the Associated Press and the terrible things he was confronting included Google, news aggregators, blogs, and online journals like, well, like mine.

I kept trying to connect his misery to reality but I couldn’t get out of my mind how many people come to our site each week because they’ve asked some question and Google has given them one of our links as a possible answer. …  Prorev


There is also some legislation (cybersecurity act) in the Senate allowing for the closure of the internet.

A recently proposed but little-noticed Senate bill would allow the federal government to shut down the Internet in times of declared emergency, and enables unprecedented federal oversight of private network administration.

More at 12.160


DesertPeace has the original post about the Jerusalem Post’s article here:



The Jerusalem Post article is here:


Digital World: What creeps under the Internet rocks
In the last analysis the moral to the story is: A Jew can stand up for the Palestinians or should I say stand up for truth and justice. Maybe that was the intentional subliminal message.

Written by morris

April 14, 2009 at 11:21 pm

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