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G20 – Whitewash till the next time?

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Wondering what the brains that directed the police actions had in mind?

The brains had months of planning, and presumably were guided by a need to ‘nip’ any revolution ‘in the bud’.

No doubt they dissuaded the bulk of the British people from taking to the streets in the vicinity of banking institutions.

But they won’t prevent further protests in the City of London. And the same Police malpractice has been going on for years when there are protests.

Will the death and subsequent inquiries alter anything? Unlikely.

And a three year wait for a verdict is a bit of an insult to justice.



Ian Tomlinson: three-year wait for G20 death verdict

Family of the newspaper vendor who died in G20 demo face long wait for justice, say legal experts

* Jamie Doward, Caroline Davies and Gaby Hinsliff
* The Observer, Sunday 12 April 2009

The family of Ian Tomlinson face a three-year wait for an inquest into his death, according to legal experts, who say that pressures on the coroners’ system are “frustrating the grieving process” for victims’ relatives.

The claim is likely to dismay critics of the police, who have expressed concerns about how Tomlinson’s death is being investigated. According to the first post-mortem examination, Tomlinson, a 47-year-old homeless newspaper vendor with a drink problem, died after suffering a heart attack while caught up in last week’s G20 protests.  –more–

The IPCC is yet another Institution in the grip of our rulers. It’s response will be measured – the purpose to show justice has been done, and to insure that ‘people power’ can not gain a foothold.

The policeman on camera attacking Ian Tomlinson was very unfortunate, many many other police did just the same thing. Although discipline is the only correct action. He is still unfortunate, he did was he was programmed to do.

An autopsy was provided that Ian Tomlinson died of natural causes, and a cover up was the natural knee jerk reaction.

Just as the planners allowed a RBS bank next to the Bank of England to be unboarded with no police protection and suspiciously next to a concealed building site. Leaving five attackers and 28 photographers, and a police cameraman inside the bank. Maybe the perpetrators got a plea bargain by way of blackmail. “We’ll report you for the armed robbery if you don’t smash the windows.”

Other blogs have stated the Police cameraman was already inside the RBS bank waiting for the window smash drama, indeed most photos publicised re from the side angle.

Other blogs have stated the Police cameraman was already inside the RBS bank waiting for the window smash drama, indeed most photos publicised are from the side angle.

A real inquiry would question policing institutions, maybe the police should be made up of rotating citizens?

But the brains and the planners of the police response have tinges of guilt, they are aware of the state of society, how the bonuses go to finance contractors who go off to foreign lands to plunder and rape, which explains the heavy handed no compromise response.



G20 police officers may face multiple claims over brutality allegations

• IPCC says 120 complaints made against G20 officers

• Lawyers gather videos and photographs as evidence

* Paul Lewis and Afua Hirsch
* The Guardian, Saturday 11 April 2009

The Metropolitan police faces claims amounting to hundreds of thousands of pounds if video and photographic evidence now under examination shows that officers launched unprovoked assaults on protesters during the G20 demonstrations.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission said it had received 120 complaints relating to police actions at the demonstrations. Any civil action through the courts must be preceded by complaints lodged with the IPCC.  –more–

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April 12, 2009 at 10:21 am

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