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Castro and Gaddafi seem to have hope in Obama

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Having seen Tony Blair launch into Britain with New Labour replacing the Thatcher heir, and seeing the hope everywhere dissipate into imperialist wars.

Was in no mood for Obama or the US system offering anything new.

Yet with Gaddafi warning Obama could be assassinated and Castro saying Obama is the opposite to the ‘odious’ Bush, there obviously must be something afoot.

We can be sure it is a team of people and not one man, the crucial question is Israel. It is possible to placate Cuba and maybe even Libya, Iran etc, but not accomplish Palestinian independence.

Obama has just nominated Jeffrey Feltman as the assistant secretary for Near Eastern Affairs of the State Department, he was previously an assistant to Martin Indyk – who was the US ambassador to Israel when Netanyahu was last Pime Minister (seemingly renewing past far right NeoCon alliances). And at that time like all previous decades politicians and media spoke of peace and expanded settlements.

There is  a large body politic of powerful Zionist supporters who will do all things unsavoury to savour a greater Israel. How will it all pan out?

If it weren’t for Castro’s and Gaddafi’s utterances there would not be any hope.

The US under Obama is after all still very much involved in foreign wars.

Written by morris

April 11, 2009 at 12:19 am

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