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Jewish rule requires an extremist fanatical support for homosexuality

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It is not possible to be in any left, anti zionist or libertarian group without also championing gay rights.

It is actually none of my business what other people do in private. But it is made everyones business. Through laws and coercion.

What was the first question the Jewish lobby asked Ahmadinejad in New York, in 2007?

And Ahmadinejad acknowledged that there are gays in Muslim societies. But it obviously is not a cause celebre.

I believe the religious Jews hold the last cards in the Jewish hierarchy and they do not permit homosexuality, and would no doubt discipline their own. Yet they watch (condone) as gay relationships are encouraged throughout society.

Some people of high standing parade their sexual identity – Peter Mandelson Minister of trade is publicly labeled Gay. Some don’t parade. But it is clear to me that there are very powerful people in intelligence and secret police and secret societies who have an agenda to propel homosexuality.

I have suffered enough for having a resistance to bless all those who show a same sex preference, because that is what is demanded of me.

There is an equation between the label anti semitism and homophobia, consequently the victims can get away with anything.

If a Jew is shunned then the retort is: ‘anti-semitism’.  If a gay is rejected then it is ‘homophobia’. And so they are left in a cocoon of non interference. Free to pursue the deceptions of our ruling oligarchy.

Oh and yes there are good Jews and there are good gays. It is the demand that everyone celebrate such things that is faulty.

A law unto themselves they operate above the law, enacting one deception after another. Not all, maybe not even a majority, but it only takes a dedicated few to form a mafia.

The Jews dish out favouritism according to ones professed allegiance and parentage. And gays according to allegiance and sexual tolerance / persuasion.

For sure we are all humans who have to live together. But I am targeting a criminal class. I have written before how I have been spiked with estrogen, and it is following me across borders. Hell, it suits our ruling masters.

Israel’s biggest cultural breakthrough was a transsexual who won the eurovision song contest.

What is this Jewish thing? Deception is is to be honoured.

In the synagogues on a Friday a sip of alcohol is enjoyed by all. And in our streets and culture people are dying from it, and families are breaking up from it.

It is time to embrace Sharia law, so that we can trust one another again. A sharia law for westerners, no praying five times a day, not even praising Muhammad.

The Jews have left me without (everything) and that will continue. They decide who I am seen with, and in todays world spiking is a dream come true. And as gays must be indebted to Jewish rule for they ensure the sanctity of homosexuality, so there is a ready class of operators.

No Israeli or Zionist or Neocon would dare disdain on homosexuality. Yet all three would likely support the horrors being waged in the imperial wars.

This is a dangerous post, but the Jews have a war on with me. And this is a stumbling block in their god given goal of moulding people.

How did I get involved in such a story?
I went to Israel when Rabin and Peres promised peace. Must be a fool I.

Anyway left there at least ten years ago, and they know they have the right to interfere in every communication I have. God told them so.

– –

If we knew the truths about the lives of Bush and Cheney – we would shiver. And it seems that would also be true for the big operators of our secret services.

Written by morris

April 10, 2009 at 5:23 am

Posted in news

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