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G20: IPCC: No CCTV cameras and CCTV not working – uhh?

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cctv2ian-copyOriginal picture from:


There is an article there too.


At Craig Murray’s site there is mention of the Charles de Menezes case:

Just as the security cameras in Stockwell station and on the train were “Not working” in the Jean Charles De Menezes case, I accuse the Police of subverting the video evidence.


It all goes to show how powerless we all are. Bloggers and readers know the truth, while the shady spin and spin around us. Only repression and fear is left.

Hard to see how we can ever find peace. We’ll have to await an Armageddon.

Craig Murray also has a post today on the terror chiefs resignation – not adding up – although he does not labor it as a distraction for the bad G20 police publicity that much:

The Metropolitan Police were under extreme criticism for their unprovoked killing of Ian Tomlinson.

So this morning, instead of the news headline being the disgraceful fact that the policeman who launched an unprovoked assault from behind on Ian Tomlinson has still not been arrested, the headline is that the police have saved us all from certain death.

Actually it takes a lot of courage to say the entire Bob Quick terror thing was a fabrication.


This is a Channel 4 interview with the head of the IPCC

no comment

Vodpod videos no longer available.


A pretty damning report on the IPCC, this is just the headline!

‘The worst of all outcomes’

Heralded as a force for change at its launch, the Independent Police Complaints Commission is out of touch, ineffective and takes the side of the police rather than the public, claims former member John Crawley … Guardian

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