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Re G20: UK Counter Terror police chief resigns to take heat off of City of London police.

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Is the resignation of the UK counter terrorist Police chief a ploy to take the headlines away from the police mishandling of the G20 protests?

Was any sensitive info actually divulged?

Wouldn’t any photographer at no 10 be accredited, and be previously scanned by security?

And there is an official secrets act. Or might one of those photographers be an Al-Qaeda mole? Unlikely.

All the news headlines now, instead of targeting the G20 police, are focused on the anti terror police chief, and for those with no interest in current affairs, they might well think that justice has been done for whatever the hooplala was about.

Far fetched, paranoid, or a recognition of the brains behind running a country?

And to encapsulate the killing of two birds with one stone, a blogger shows the MSM:

Under the appropriate title:

oops … let’s terrorize some more muslims, eh?

Police chief’s blunder forces terror officers to mount ‘al-Qaeda’ swoops
Gerri Peev, Scotsman, Apr 9 2009
A major terrorism operation was launched last night after a security blunder forced police to swoop on suspects who sources claim have links to al-Qaeda. Sources said the raids, in the north-west of England, were brought forward after Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Bob Quick was photographed clutching sensitive documents as he arrived in Downing Street. Hundreds of police officers raided addresses …

If you read the rest of the above excerpt you will see some terrorizing stuff; “a machinegun pointed right into his head”

Since this publication the counter terror chief has resigned.

So the psychological message is:

Police should not reveal their plans

Written by morris

April 9, 2009 at 1:09 pm

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