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G20 Where is the CCTV footage of the police assualt on Ian Tomlinson?

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At the best of times there must have been CCTV in the heart of the Financial area in the City of London.
Especially on the day of protests, and so near the Bank of England, with thousands of police on duty.

Granted, the assault on Ian Tomlinson was just one of hundreds or thousands on that day. But still wouldn’t / shouldn’t the CCTV footage have been scrutinised? By whoever was investigating? Well it was the City of London Police investigating, but no longer.

Well looking around the net, I see Craig Murray saying the same thing:

Let me be quite plain. I do not believe that there was no official footage of the police assault on Ian Tomlinson. Just as the security cameras in Stockwell station and on the train were “Not working” in the Jean Charles De Menezes case, I accuse the Police of subverting the video evidence.

So thank God for that American tourist – and thank God he went to the Guardian rather than to the Police. If unanswerable video evdence had not now been produced, what lies do you think we would now be being told?  –Craig Murray–

On a separate post of Craig Murray:

While is it not al little strange that the police were unable to deploy anyone outside the Royal Bank of Scotland to prevent this massive crowd of, err, five people and 28 press photograpers from breaking the windows, but were able to pre-position a police photographer inside to video it?

It stinks.

–Craig Murray–


Witness account:

There is a new video with extra footage of the police forming a line around Ian Tomlinson as he is laying motionless waiting for the ambulance (and maybe already dead).


Isn’t it a sign of the times? Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Gaza …

The innocent suffering the most. He was not even a protester!

To Finish with – to emphasis  the injustice and mockery of justice – more of Craig Murray (An ex British Ambassador):

All of which leads me to resurrect this bit I wrote in a comments thread in reply to someone asking why I hadn’t mentioned the possibility of agents provocateurs:

There was a fascinating and drawn out scene outside the Bank of England yesterday when a distinct group of some thirty were attacking the police, one hitting the police with a long pole. Prominent was a group of young Asian lads.

I recognised them because I was crushed up hard for a good while against the same bunch of young Asians outside the Israeli Embassy a couple of months ago, where again they were being inexcusably violent.

The very strange thing was that, plainly from Sky’s overhead cam, the Police had the ability to isolate and snatch this group of obviously violent individuals, and the police would have had my support in doing so. But they didn’t.

So who are they?

–Craig Murray–

Written by morris

April 9, 2009 at 12:24 am

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