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G20 Guardian Video reveals Death at Protest from Police assualt

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The video is only available at the Guardian

Currently the video is only available at the Guardian, as is the rest of the article

I am not clear if he was a protester or just on his way home.

The Guardian video clearly shows the police attacking Ian Tomlinson.

HatTip www.whatrellyhappened.com

It is also listed at http://london.indymedia.org.uk/articles/1068

[update: now also at the BBC;


Where they list: the police policy of containment would be taken to European Human Rights Courts and an online petition can now be signed.

I am hearing sirens whizzing by outside for the last hour – I don’t know if some kind of spontaneous protest has occurred.

G20 ‘Press Conference’ for Ian Tomlinson- March to Royal Exchange

April 6th


There are more video witness accounts here:


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