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Bibi – a shaky emperer

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The emperor of the world – Bibi Netanyahu – does that sound far fetched?

Consider the preponderous presence of Jewish bankers – and they show allegiance to Israel.

The common accusation that American foreign policy is directed for Israel’s well being. And (make no mistake) Israel’s agenda is hegemony.

Avram Burg has stated that 10% of the worlds arm dealers are Israelis.

Then there is the talk of the Russian Israeli mafia, and we see the entire US congress (bar 5 members) vote in favour of Israel’s attack in Gaza.

And we have at least a dog and a tail.

Bibi just created 30 ministers in order to garner a Government together, yet he never made a minister for health. But we hear many proclamations against Iran.

Wonder how long Bibi’s governemnt will last? It will surely lead to more Israeli isolation. There is a worldwide clamour to reign in Israel’s excesses. And no one in Israel (or the Lobby) has ever listened. They just sing the anachronistic song of the enemy – currently Iran.

Uri Avneri is saying in his latest article that Lieberman is holding all the cards, that he will bring the Government down as soon as it suits him, so that in new elections he can gain absolute control. Sounds plausible.

It is the Jewish Diaspora that must take the blame for its unbridled support for all things Israeli. The huge sums of money that have poured into the country, creating a nation of people divorced from reality.

Will leave you with an excerpt from Uri Avneri’s newsletter:

Who’s The Boss?

ON THE first day of the new Israeli government

[…] Binyamin Netanyahu read an uninspired speech, which included the worn-out cliches that are necessary to set the world at ease: the government is committed to peace, it will negotiate with the Palestinian Authority, bla-bla-bla.

Avigdor Lieberman hurried from there to the foreign Office, for the ceremonial change of ministers. He, too, made a speech – but it was not a routine speech at all.

“Si vis pacem, para bellum – if you want peace, prepare for war,” declared the new Foreign Minister. When a diplomat quotes this ancient Roman saying, the world pays no attention to the first part, but only to the second. Coming from the mouth of the already infamous Lieberman, it was a clear threat: the new government is entering upon a path of war, not of peace.

With this sentence, Lieberman negated Netanyahu’s speech and made headlines around the world. He confirmed the worst apprehensions connected with the creation of this government.

Not content with quoting the Romans, he explained specifically why he used this motto. Concessions, he said, do not bring peace, but quite the reverse. The world respected and admired Israel when it won the Six-day war.

Two fallacies in one sentence. Returning occupied territory is not a “concession”. When a thief is compelled to return stolen property, or when a squatter vacates an apartment that does not belong to him, that is not a “concession”. And the admiration for Israel in 1967 came from a world that saw us as a little, valiant country that had stood up to mighty armies out to destroy us. But today’s Israel looks like a brutal Goliath, while the occupied Palestinians are now viewed as a David with his slingshot, fighting for his life.

With this speech, Lieberman succeeded in stirring the world, but even more in humiliating Netanyahu. He exposed the peace declarations of the new Prime Minister as nothing but soap bubbles.

Now where does that leave the emperer of the world? On very shaky ground. Not a good omen.

Written by morris

April 7, 2009 at 1:01 am

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