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G20 protests – reflections – and wrongful death

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It seems the authorities never had any intention of allowing any kind of peaceful demo to take place in the City of London. Both the Times and the Guardian have published articles on the police heavy handedness.

Our guardian masters who profit from the Fiat money system kept their ears to the ground and allowed all the organisation for the demos to take place. They then insured a headline grabbing window smashed at the Royal Bank of Scotland, which miraculously was not boarded up and had no police protection even though it was literally next to the Bank of England.

The police are chosen, like the military, for being able bodied and to act under orders, now comes revelations of witnesses seeing an assault on the man who died:

Multiple eyewitnesses say man was attacked after media initially reported death was accidental

Anna Branthwaite, an experienced press photographer, told the IPCC: “I can remember seeing Ian Tomlinson. He was rushed from behind by a riot officer with a helmet and shield two or three minutes before he collapsed.”

Amiri Howe stated that Tomlinson was struck ‘near the head’ with a police baton.

Another protester said she saw Mr Tomlinson being pushed aggressively from behind by officers  –source–

Riot Cops Killed Newspaper Seller At G20 060409top


And the Last Hours web site is asking why the police were so brutal…

…  it’s not as though people have to be fighting the police to get a beating. Reporters were attacked during the course of the last week, despite – in at least one instance – holding up a press card. Television pictures clearly showed large numbers of police lashing out at people who were obviously peaceful demonstrators. Orders must have come down from on high that the demonstrators were to be taught a lesson.

A demonstrator at the G20, London, with blood pouring down his face from a police attack

“Police guidelines state that officers should not crack heads… Yet the frequency with which demonstrators are whacked over the head lead to the conclusion that these guidelines are delivered with a nod and a wink.”

“Police guidelines state that officers should not crack heads… Yet the frequency with which demonstrators are whacked over the head lead to the conclusion that these guidelines are delivered with a nod and a wink.”

[more photos here]

There is no other explanation for the police behaviour towards the Climate Camp. There is no other explanation for the police raid on the convergence centre on Earl Street, …


So what does it all mean for the future? Don’t mess with the Banks? Not with Capitalism, Demonstrate in Trafalger Square? Wait until the whole nation rises up?

The powers that be, who are the Banksters (and many others) are obviously tetchy and feel very threatened.

The man who died was not a protester, he was the father of nine children, the police say there has been a post mortem which showed nothing suspicious, yet they will now conduct further investigtions in light of the witnesses.

There really is no rule of law in the UK anymore, just a spin in the media and a lot of people covering themeselves.

… Well just saw this over at IndyMedia [my emphasis in bold]:

Why did Ian Tomlinson die?

Countless accounts of police brutality have surfaced around the protests on April 1st and 2nd, be it the detention of protesters at Bank for hours [1|2], the vicious attack on the peaceful Climate Camp [report|video], including children, or the raids on the Convergence Center [1|2|3] and RampARTs [1|2]. Not to mention the police aggression at an event to commemorate the death of Ian Tomlinson and demand an independent inquiry [1|2].

Now new eyewitness statements corroborate the indications that policing of the protests is, at least in part, responsible for the death of a bystander. On the same day another march was held in the face of police brutality and to demand an inquiry into Ian Tomlinson’s death, with the announcement that the police policy of containment would be taken to European Human Rights Courts and an online petition can now be signed.

The petition is at


And the police containment really is inhuman, and must by definition include non participants.


AlJazeera Video of the police containment in action:


Well just found a better video:

Riot police use shields and batons in unprovoked attack on peaceful protesters. It took place at the Climate Camp on Bishopsgate in the City of London during the first day of the G20 protests on Wednesday 1st April 2009.

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