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G20: Yesterday and Today – protests

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US Embassy, Grosvenor Square to Trafalgar Square * Get the troops out of Iraq & Afghanistan * End the siege of Gaza free Palestine * Create jobs not bombs * Stop arming Israel * Abolish all nukes

Called by Stop the War, CND, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, British Muslim Initiative

Anarchists had complained that ‘Stop The War’ did not plan their march into the City of London

instead they followed the old route used by Anti VietNam demonstrators

The crowd looks huge – and they are demonstrating again today:


Stop The War:

Demonstrate at the G20 on 2 April

11 am, the roundabout at end of Tidal Basin Road, E16 1AD.

Nearest working tube/DLR: Canning Town.Please bring shoes, baby dolls, photos and other symbols of the death and destruction wreaked by the world’s leaders.

London Activists:

08:47: DLR stations near ExCel are closed making it difficult for people to get to demonstrations in the area. indymedia

There are still protests going on in the city.

Will a Bank window being smashed grab all the headlines?

Will Sarcozy walk out of the G20?

Will the G20 go for a world currency?

What will millions of British do later this year when there is no work / income?

By Joe Lynam  BBC News

Billionaire investor Gorge Soros has said the G20 summit will be a “make or break” event for the world’s economy.

This is the man who made billions speculating on the Sterling going down, and who invested in revolutions in Eastern Europe.

This is going to be the focus of activists demos today – maybe not ‘Stop The War’

Alternative London Summit Press Release

Despite last minute efforts by the management of the University of East London to shut down the Alternative Summit this evening. We are committed to making sure the event goes ahead at the University of East London as planned between 4pm – 9pm.

Take the Power Today!

This is where the focus of demos will be - the news headlines

This is where the focus of todays demos will be - the news headlines

Non violent people will congregate.

Tony Benn and others are talking.

Some hotheads will want to fight the police.

And some paid for provocateurs will damage property.

Then the Banks will return to creating paper money out of thin air


It seems clear events are out of control. People are turning against each other. Anarchists against the Police. Middle class watching their safety evaporate. Bankers preoccupied with their foreign escapades.


An Excerpt of an article in the Nation – the end of the article – about yesterday:


This was Climate Camp, a network (mostly young and mostly white) of people who’ve gathered regularly since 2006 to talk and to protest–earlier camps were held at Heathrow Airport and at Kingsnorth, where there are plans to build a coal-fired power plant. Dave, a post-doc doing research on carbon dating at Oxford University, sat in the doorway of his tent dressed in a business suit “so the police won’t stop and search me and take all my belongings.” This feels to him like the birth of a new movement. “With most protests, people turn up for the day and then go home; this is an ongoing thing. It’s the only thing that makes me feel optimistic, though I don’t know if we can actually stop climate change.”

There was a definite buzz here, a purposeful party atmosphere. People talked about reclaiming something that was lost, a sense of ownership of the streets and of the land, about building communities. Young men wandered about offering gingerbread. There were workshops on carbon trading and Copenhagen, Samba and self-defense. Two mermaids in green wigs and long blue sparkly dresses worried about sea levels; a land-based woman wore a T-shirt reading “I heart ethical investment.” Apparently there are factions here, as everywhere–“some people want capitalism to end, while others simply want it to take note of science”–but the core ethic is non-violence and consensus building. What made the camp so different from the protests round the corner, which felt, from here, a million miles away? It’s not so simple, they insisted. We’re the same people; it’s just a different style, a different tactic.

Back at the Bank, the police were putting on riot gear; there had been a few things thrown, a few heads cracked. Someone had smashed the window of the Royal Bank of Scotland (whose former director, Sir Fred Goodwin, was rewarded for his failures with a million dollar pension); but as this picture shows, the cameras’ black snouts outnumbered the missiles. The whole thing felt like a painful tempest in a teapot: the simulacrum of a riot, dreamed up by the police and a handful of protesters.

There have been three different demonstrations in London today, in three very different styles: a traditional march to Trafalgar Square let by the Stop the War Coalition, with speeches by the big beasts of the left; the Climate Camp; and the “meltdown” at the Bank. No prizes for guessing which one made the most headlines. On my way home I passed an Evening Standard billboard: “Anarchists battle for City,” the big black letters read, as if we were on the verge of civil war. –more–

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April 2, 2009 at 10:18 am

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