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G20: A conservative blogger derides the protesters

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A conservative blogger forgets about the wars and the genocide, that the missing billions are financing that, along with the huge pollution it generates.

He is forgiving to the bankers, “as they are necessary”. He must have a good savings account, or he is involved in corruption or war mongering…

And he does not mention Fiat money, which is licensing a band of criminals to rule over us.

He says there is nothing to replace capitalism, Ron Paul or Sharia economic laws are two suggestions.

James Burdett’s Blog: The thoughts of a Home Counties Conservative….


As the G20 approaches, everyone is expecting protests in London. Some are also expecting something more than just protests. I can imagine that a large part of these protests will feature people who are anti-capitalist, anti-globalisation, anti-US. There will be Climate Change protesters, there will be those who think that whacking the bankers will solve the problem. There will be all sorts of people with all sorts of different agendas and very few of them will be sensible or viable.

The anti-capitalists don’t have a viable agenda. What do you replace capitalism with? Communism? That worked in the 70 years that it was tried in the 2oth Century. Admittedly there are some outposts now in South and Latin America, but these nations are over time going to fall behind over time. The anti-globalisation crew need to realise that when anyone can get on a PC anywhere in the world and chat to anyone else anywhere else in the world then globalisation isn’t something you can successfully oppose. The Climate Change crew will no doubt be advocating solutions that are neither viable, nor would be terribly popular. The fact is that climate change needs to be dealt with but not in a knee-jerk fashion and not with methods that would do harm in other areas. The hang-a-banker crowd should realise that whilst yes some bankers went way beyond what they should have done, many of them were doing a very good job, and we need them to do a very good job going forward. History teaches that witch hunts don’t find witches, and they tell us more about the hunters than the hunted.  –more–


Lets borrow from all strains of thought:

Buddhism – there is not one God, therefore everything is holy.

Christianity – forgive

Islam – No interest rates, no speculation – no making money from money.

Hindus – a  perfect health system (Ayurveda)

Written by morris

March 31, 2009 at 11:48 am

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