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Israeli poll indicates 21% of exporters have felt effects of boycott

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author Monday March 30, 2009 09:25author by Saed Bannoura – IMEMC News Report this post to the editors

A report published Sunday in the Hebrew-language business paper ‘The Marker’, 21% of Israeli exporters say that they have been directly impacted by a boycott of Israeli products since the beginning of 2009.

[…] Some of the companies that are being boycotted in the campaign include Motorola, which produces fuses for the M80 series of rockets, Caterpillar, which produces the D9 bulldozer which is used in the demolition of Palestinian homes, Connex and Alstom, which won the bid to construct a high-speed rail through Palestinian neighborhoods in East Jerusalem – destroying the homes of all Palestinians along the route with no compensation or legal recourse, Agrexco, which exports fruit and vegetables under the trade name Carmel which come from Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

Some of the actions that have already taken place since January include the dumping of Israeli products from supermarket shelves in Paris, blockading of ports in South Africa, mass protests in Jordan and Turkey against Israeli imports, and many more. –more–


The Israeli website:


has been maintaining and updating a database of companies that either profit from the Israeli occupation or export products that come from Israeli settlements. The global BDS Movement has called for a boycott of these companies.


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