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G20 brings our situation into focus.

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The Criminals are arriving one by one, they will represent us at the summit. Seriously they are pretty bad but that does not mean inciting violence is clever, it is not.

If the TV screens can show the protests as the loony fringe then the oligarchy will be happy.

The dead beats are also on the payroll, paid to be there cause they look bad and can do bad things, ex cons, whinos etc. Only when everyone rises can there be a change.

The organisers of the protests are a good lot, bycicling here and there and having meetings, preparing for trauma or legal defenses.

In  the old days there was an argument that capitalism was natural, that no longer holds, it is anyway only a load of cartels and mafias.

In 36 hours thousands of uncity like people will be in the city. The population is generally being reduced to paupers. And the rich want to buy the select clever ones. Why not spread it out, make a middle class, capitalism has become obscene. Billionaires and millionaires and the poorer get poorer.

I tell you if we end the wars, and the self serving propaganda to support the wars, everything will be okay. But with our leaders drinking from bloodied cups everyday, taking advice from bombing raids, and looking at maps of overseas resources – how could they possibly care about anyone?

Consumerism has been fun, but it ain’t working, money is being siphoned off, and so many good souls forced into fraud and bombing. And of course expect perversion and torture to lurk nearby.

It must be the end of globalisation. Not that the G20 would say so. They want to patch up the speculators free spin.

Free markets everyone says don’t work yet they don’t want protectionism, that is a contradiction. Gold standard is a good idea. Fiat money is an absurdity, the prosperity was in many ways due to industrial food production, providing surplus food stocks, that is no longer certain. And Fiat Money was just a license for organised crime.

We all have to find a way to start again.

Our rulers will not allow the G20 protests to get out of hand. They themselves would plant bombs first.

rant finished.

Written by morris

March 30, 2009 at 11:42 pm

Posted in activism, bankster, economy, fiat money, G20, Meltdown, protests

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