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G20 brings our situation into focus.

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The Criminals are arriving one by one, they will represent us at the summit. Seriously they are pretty bad but that does not mean inciting violence is clever, it is not.

If the TV screens can show the protests as the loony fringe then the oligarchy will be happy.

The dead beats are also on the payroll, paid to be there cause they look bad and can do bad things, ex cons, whinos etc. Only when everyone rises can there be a change.

The organisers of the protests are a good lot, bycicling here and there and having meetings, preparing for trauma or legal defenses.

In  the old days there was an argument that capitalism was natural, that no longer holds, it is anyway only a load of cartels and mafias.

In 36 hours thousands of uncity like people will be in the city. The population is generally being reduced to paupers. And the rich want to buy the select clever ones. Why not spread it out, make a middle class, capitalism has become obscene. Billionaires and millionaires and the poorer get poorer.

I tell you if we end the wars, and the self serving propaganda to support the wars, everything will be okay. But with our leaders drinking from bloodied cups everyday, taking advice from bombing raids, and looking at maps of overseas resources – how could they possibly care about anyone?

Consumerism has been fun, but it ain’t working, money is being siphoned off, and so many good souls forced into fraud and bombing. And of course expect perversion and torture to lurk nearby.

It must be the end of globalisation. Not that the G20 would say so. They want to patch up the speculators free spin.

Free markets everyone says don’t work yet they don’t want protectionism, that is a contradiction. Gold standard is a good idea. Fiat money is an absurdity, the prosperity was in many ways due to industrial food production, providing surplus food stocks, that is no longer certain. And Fiat Money was just a license for organised crime.

We all have to find a way to start again.

Our rulers will not allow the G20 protests to get out of hand. They themselves would plant bombs first.

rant finished.

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March 30, 2009 at 11:42 pm

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G20, Poster; street party Bank of England 12.00 Noon April 1st

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Written by morris

March 30, 2009 at 10:57 pm

G20, Protesters Maps, Rendezvous’, venue for organising London

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Expect Buses, trains and Tubes to be canceled – it will be a pleasant surprise if they are not.

It is most unlikely for a revolution to occur in the next days, don’t get nabbed for nothing.


sqmileIf you save the maps to your computer they should come out larger
Or go here for large maps:

Square Mile:


Above maps from:


A London venue where people are organising:


Taken from a previous post here:


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March 30, 2009 at 1:21 pm

Cheney Torture, Obama Admin revealing

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There was a time when Jewish pride was awakened to having a Vice president ….
And is he a red herring?
Or do people like this work there way to the top everywhere?
March 29, 2009

Scared Cheney puts his head in the noose

The former vice-president fears being held to account on torture and is lashing out …

Growling and sneering, Cheney accused the new president of actively endangering the lives of Americans by ending the detention and interrogation programmes of the last administration, and vowing to close Guantanamo Bay. It’s hard to overstate how unseemly and unusual this was.

It is fine for a former vice-president to criticise his successor in due course. But there is a decorum that allows for a new president not to be immediately undermined by his predecessor. To be accused of what amounts to treason – a willingness to endanger the lives of Americans – is simply unheard of. …

But as the memos have emerged, the awful truth of what Cheney actually authorised becomes harder and harder to deny. And Cheney is desperately trying to maintain a grip on the narrative before it grips him by the throat. …

The New York Times published leaked testimony from the International Committee of the Red Cross.

The documents detailed horrifying CIA practices that the Red Cross unequivocally called torture – shoving prisoners in tiny, air-tight coffins, waterboarding, beatings, sleep deprivation, stress positions: all the techniques we have now come to know almost by heart. And torture is a war crime. War crimes have no statute of limitations and are among the most serious crimes of which one can be accused.   –more–


And from last year, and even this was probably a white wash for the real gory details:


Dick Cheney, Alberto Gonzales indicted in S. Texas

Charges related to alleged abuse of prisoners in federal detention centers

Associated Press Nov. 18, 2008, 7:37PM

McALLEN — A South Texas grand jury has indicted Vice President Dick Cheney and former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales on state charges related to the alleged abuse of prisoners in Willacy County’s federal detention centers.  –more–


Got out of that one…

Cheney, Gonzales indictments dropped

December 2, 2008

A judge in Raymondville, Texas has dropped indictments against Vice President Dick Cheney and former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.




Below is a ten minute “see-for-yourself” report that conclusively shows that Vice President Dick Cheney’s claims to Kennedy County Sherriff’s Deputies in south Texas is a total fabrication.

A massive cover-up has been conducted concerning the shooting. We know that most of the facts that have been told to the public are manufactured frauds. Cheney claims that he shot Whittington at 90 feet, ballistic tests from the spread of the shotgun pellets to their penetration depth is 100% conclusive.

Harry Whittington was shot at close range, between 15 and 18 feet, not the 90 claimed by Dick Cheney and the Secret Service. It is now clear why they refused to let Sherriff’s Deputies interview Cheney for over 13 hours and why they claimed that Whittington’s injuries were superficial when in truth they were grevious.  


Lets say the Jews are good people, and ask who is in charge, which Jews are rising to the top, and enslaving others in their pride of self description …


pictures and links to newspaper cuttings Washington Times etc

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March 30, 2009 at 12:40 pm

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Israeli poll indicates 21% of exporters have felt effects of boycott

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author Monday March 30, 2009 09:25author by Saed Bannoura – IMEMC News Report this post to the editors

A report published Sunday in the Hebrew-language business paper ‘The Marker’, 21% of Israeli exporters say that they have been directly impacted by a boycott of Israeli products since the beginning of 2009.

[…] Some of the companies that are being boycotted in the campaign include Motorola, which produces fuses for the M80 series of rockets, Caterpillar, which produces the D9 bulldozer which is used in the demolition of Palestinian homes, Connex and Alstom, which won the bid to construct a high-speed rail through Palestinian neighborhoods in East Jerusalem – destroying the homes of all Palestinians along the route with no compensation or legal recourse, Agrexco, which exports fruit and vegetables under the trade name Carmel which come from Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

Some of the actions that have already taken place since January include the dumping of Israeli products from supermarket shelves in Paris, blockading of ports in South Africa, mass protests in Jordan and Turkey against Israeli imports, and many more. –more–


The Israeli website:


has been maintaining and updating a database of companies that either profit from the Israeli occupation or export products that come from Israeli settlements. The global BDS Movement has called for a boycott of these companies.


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March 30, 2009 at 10:51 am

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Russia (Like Ron Paul) backs Gold Standard

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The Banks, most famously the Fed, just print whatever they want. They also manipulate society and individuals at will, and all with the flick of a switch of a printing press.

Banksters, Gangsters, Madoffs, Bonuses – the age of falsity ..


Russia backs return to Gold Standard to solve financial crisis

Russia has become the first major country to call for a partial restoration of the Gold Standard to uphold discipline in the world financial system.

By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
Last Updated: 10:05PM BST 29 Mar 2009

Arkady Dvorkevich, the Kremlin’s chief economic adviser, said Russia would favour the inclusion of gold bullion in the basket-weighting of a new world currency based on Special Drawing Rights issued by the International Monetary Fund.

Chinese and Russian leaders both plan to open debate on an SDR-based reserve currency as an alternative to the US dollar at the G20 summit in London this week, although the world may not yet be ready for such a radical proposal.

Mr Dvorkevich said it was “logical” that the new currency should include the rouble and the yuan, adding that “we could also think about more effective use of gold in this system”.

The Gold Standard was the anchor of world finance in the 19th Century but began breaking down during the First World War as governments engaged in unprecedented spending. It collapsed in the 1930s when the British Empire, the US, and France all abandoned their parities.

It was revived as part of fixed dollar system until US inflation caused by the Vietnam War and “Great Society” social spending forced President Richard Nixon to close the gold window in 1971.

The world’s fiat paper currencies have lacked any external anchor ever since. It is widely argued that the financial excesses and extreme debt leverage of the last quarter century would have been impossible – or less likely – under the discipline of gold.   –more–


Video Ron Paul explaining the G20 summit simply

This video previously posted March 16th on this Blog

Ron Paul says there would be no need for the G20 meeting if there was a Gold Standard

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March 30, 2009 at 4:15 am

G20 council told switch off CCTV – whats the scam?

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Ahead of G20 summit, council told to switch off illegal £15m CCTV network

The blackout begins on the eve of the summit, when world leaders arrive in the capital and protesters take to the streets.



The security operation at this week’s G20 summit was thrown into chaos last night when it emerged that the entire network of central London’s wireless CCTV cameras will have to be turned off because of a legal ruling.

The Department for Transport (DfT) has ruled that Westminster council’s mobile road cameras – a third of the authority’s CCTV network – “do not fully meet the resolution standards required” and must be switched off by midnight tomorrow. –more–

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March 30, 2009 at 3:52 am

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