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Voices against Ehud Barak’s entry to the Government

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The Israeli electorate has consistently refused the Left or Libertarian politicians. Somehow because of Labors distant  past Barak carries the mantle of the left, and how after Gaza, Georgia and Lebanon he can put a human face on any government is a mystery to me.


From Uri Avnery


THE PINNACLE of his [Bibi Netanyahu’s] achievement was the acquisition of the Labor party for his government.

In one stroke he turned a government of lepers, which would have been viewed by the whole world as a crazy bunch of ultra-nationalists, racists and fascists, into a sane and balanced government of the center. All this without changing its character in the least.


The addition of the Labor Party solves everybody’s problem. If the social democrats are joining the government, all this talk of fascism must be nonsense. Obviously, Liberman has been misunderstood. He has been misrepresented. He is not a fascist at all, God forbid. He is not a racist. He is just a traditional right-wing demagogue who exploits the primitive emotions of the masses to garner votes. Which elected politician could object to that?

Indeed, the whole government has been given a kosher certificate by Ehud Barak. –more–


Fisk Misses the Target

By Israel Shamir

The great British journalist Robert Fisk wrote a few days ago: Why Avigdor Lieberman is the worst thing that could happen to the Middle East. Fisk is usually wonderful and knowledgeable, but now he was mistaken. He’s got carried away by Lieberman-bashing, this popular pastime of Left Zionists. Indeed you may condemn Lieberman and still be admitted by every Jewish and Zionist organisation – precisely because Lieberman (and other hardcore Jewish nationalists) is of little importance.

There is a worse thing that happens in the Middle East right now, and that is Ehud Barak, the Labour Party leader, as a Defence Minister in Netanyahu government. While a narrow right-wing government of Netanyahu and Lieberman would be a world pariah, isolated and hesitant, the same government with Ehud Barak at a top slot will be fully accepted by the international community. Now, overcoming objections, Barak had forced his decimated party to join the government coalition. He will stay as the Defence Minister, with disastrous consequences for the region.

Ehud Barak is the man who just a few months ago attacked Gaza; he is fully responsible for the atrocities committed there. While Avigdor Lieberman’s talk is certainly irresponsible and panders to the worst instincts of Israelis, his bark is considerably worse than his bite. Ehud Barak heaped scorn on Lieberman for never having actually shot anyone. He never squeezed trigger in anger, quipped Barak, while he did. –more–

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March 29, 2009 at 2:45 am

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