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Video Le Pen repeats slur that Nazi gas chambers were a ‘detail’ – updated

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This seems to have been a political stunt, to prevent him becoming a ceremonial head. The ins and outs I don’t know, but it does show a ‘politics as usual’ approach … some back door maneuvering went on. It seems he intentionally scuppered his turn to be ceremonial president:


E.U. parliamentarians hope to deny Le Pen his moment as president.
Pascal Rossignol / Reuters
As anyone who’s ever been around a disruptive child knows, refusing to give the kid attention is often the best way of shutting the troublesome tot up. Perhaps that’s a tactic members of the European Parliament regret not using with France’s extreme right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen this week.

The trouble began when centrist and leftist politicians realized that Le Pen, 80, was now the eldest member in the parliament. That distinction brings with it the ceremonial presidency during the opening session of every new European Parliament. Determined to stop Le Pen taking the role during parliament’s next inaugural session in July, his opponents have begun an energetic drive to alter the rule. –more–

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March 29, 2009 at 8:21 pm

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