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Israel died from punishing

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Punish the Palestinians, the Gazans particularly, renegade Jews who shout for peace. Support the genocide / atrocities visited on the Iraqis.

Israeli coffers are overflowing, regardless of what the press says. Listen to peoples phone calls, monitor their mail, interfere in all relationships.

It takes a whole army to enforce it. And now it is going to be undone. The eternal brutality, physical, emotional and psychological.

A plethora of taboos, of rules of what to permit and what to say. Masses of suffering is required. And relentless punishment.

The clock won’t go back. Gaza is the focus, locked up like animals, yet – why is everyone identifying with it? The taste of punishment is what is in common. We are judged by Jewish family values which include [censorerd], we are living in a very false world with false truths, and there is very little ‘rule of law’.

The only thing stopping mayhem is some basic human decency, that which the bulk of us contain.

Anything false is utilised and encouraged – hence we are beset with the problems of Fiat Money.

Written by morris

March 29, 2009 at 12:35 pm

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