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Today Mondoweiss wrote a couple of posts about a Neocon Hindu Nationalist alliance, the following is a comment I left:

It is a frightening alliance, based on fundamentalism.

Isn’t Israel now India’s main arms supplier? [India is the largest market for Israeli weapons]

Strategically India might be comparable to the US in importance and hope for Israel.

Yet the religious alliance is unified in being anti Muslim.

Why does everything have to be so militaristic, so war like, aggressive.

One Blogger is talking about a current arms deal:


‘India told us to keep deal secret’ – Israel Aerospace Industries March 28, 2009 by ghulammuhammed

Is it not contemptible that no newspaper other than DNA should have picked up the most ignoble act of illegality perpetrated by the Congress government, if DNA story is correct. Is nobody in the country alarmed at the blatant corrupt practice of collecting 6% commission on deals involving the defense of the country. Are all good people dead? Is this deal finalised mainly to collect the 6% commission needed to fund the coming parliamentary elections by the ruling party? Questions Indian National Congress must answer to deserve the trust of the people of India.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai


What about Ghandi and the Hindu concept of the universality of Humans. It all got reduced to armaments …

A google search for “bjp rabbi visited india” is not very peaceful.



Picture from:


Also see:

From The Times of India:
LAHORE: Indian and Israeli intelligence agencies have ganged up to stir trouble in Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan, Pakistan’s intelligence agencies have alleged.

The agencies, in a report to the government quoted by Online news agency, have asked it to take “ample measures” to combat terrorism allegedly linked to Indian diplomatic missions in Afghanistan and Indian and Israeli spy outfits.  –more–

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March 29, 2009 at 9:45 pm

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