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Police: G20 Summit – advice to businesses

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It is a rather ‘British’ page. Still recognising the demonstrators as people (I think). In America the demonstrators would be painted as potential terrorists … Imagine if all this was being planned at Wall Street …

Still surveillance, police brutality and false flag are all possible.


City of London Police, the Metropolitan Police and City of London Corporation are determined that it will be business as usual within the City during the week of the G20 summit meeting and the various demonstrations expected.

A pan-London policing approach will be used in the week running up to and during the Summit, which relies on well-established protocols. A very experienced team of senior officers from both Metropolitan and City of London Police used to policing large scale events of this nature in London will be in charge.

There are a number of high profile events throughout the week of the G20 Summit with the first being the TUC march and rally at Hyde Park on Saturday 28 March with 40,000 expected. The City may see protests throughout the week of the Summit, however intelligence suggests the City is likely to see demonstrations on the 1st of April including:

  • Financial Fools demonstration is likely to focus on 3 locations – Bank of England, European Climate Exchange in Bishopsgate and Royal Bank of Scotland in Bishopsgate. The protest is being advertised as a G20 meltdown with four meeting places advertised as Moorgate, Liverpool Street, London Bridge and Cannon Street at 1100 converging on Bank Junction.
  • There are plans for a ‘climate camp’ outside the European Climate Exchange between the evening of 31st March and 2nd April.

The police are monitoring all information relating to planned protests and advertised actions. We will have officers deployed at key locations plus a large number in reserve that can respond to deal with whatever takes place.

It is believed that the majority of the protestors intend to conduct a peaceful demonstration.  Businesses should however, remain vigilant at all times and ensure that buildings are secure. Banks and financial premises are the targets of the protest although this could extend to all premises in the city.

City of London Police offers the following advice on security and employee safety for the week of the Summit:

  • Cancel unnecessary meetings
  • Make sure all staff wear ID
  • Stagger staff arrival and departures
  • Cancel deliveries
  • Keep movement in and out of business premises to a minimum
  • Make sure security staff are fully briefed and wearing high visibility jackets
  • Review smoking areas – do they weaken access security
  • Consider security staff checking ID outside premises to create natural barrier
  • Ensure business continuity plans are up to date
  • Create a media strategy and nominate a spokesperson
  • Make sure all staff are updated regularly
  • Review whether staff should use own vehicles to come to work
  • Check CCTV is working
  • Ensure information is disseminated throughout multi occupied premises in plenty of time
  • Advise staff not to antagonise protestors and risk escalation in incidents.

During the protest period update messages will be sent out via an e-mail alert system which businesses can sign up to for free.   –City of London Police–

Written by morris

March 27, 2009 at 9:13 pm

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