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G20 protests set to freeze the City of London – Map

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City braced for wave of protest

By Peter Garnham and Alex Barker

Published: March 23 2009 00:51 | Last updated: March 23 2009 00:51

g20 –more–



A guide to G20 protests in London

Numerous groups are using the web to rally supporters to demonstrate at next week’s summit

The G20 summit in London next week will be the target of widespread protests, many of which are being organised online. City workers have been warned that they might be targeted and police are preparing a massive security operation. But who are the protesters and what are they planning?

G20 Meltdown

An alliance of anti-capitalist groups organising a carnival, headed by “Four Horsefolk of the Apocalypse”, which will converge in front of the Bank of England on 1 April.

The organisers’ aims are set on their website: “G20 Meltdown calls for the G20 ministers to own up to their mistakes and admit that their global dominance – the dominance of finance capitalism – is the problem, not the solution to the current economic, ecological and political meltdown.”

Meltdown’s Facebook group has more details of marches from four London underground stations. –more–



Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bloodying the G20 protests posted by lenin

The Economist Intelligence Unit estimates that Britain is in danger of “serious social unrest”, according to the Telegraph. It is a “moderate risk”, but it is one that the sentinels of capital are apparently taking rather seriously. For example, it would be hard to miss the spate of increasingly hysterical stories, some based on alarmist interviews with police eager for overtime, about the upcoming G20 protests, particularly those planned for 1st April (rather than the main demonstration on Saturday 28th). Almost all of these are prefaced by some statement in the passive voice such as “violence is feared, as delegates gather…”. Just as with the G8 protests, the media envisions rivers of blood. Alongside the usual banalities about ‘the majority of peaceful protesters’ vs ‘a small minority of extremists’, these stories feature quotes from activists and websites that promise a revolutionary situation, that compare 2009 to 1649, that urge young insurgents to “storm” the banks and hotels, and so on. According to yesterday’s Independent, such chaos could be brought about by as few as 2000 people. All of this hot gossip, the police attribute to “anarchists”. It is difficult not to laugh at such silliness. –MORE–



Police warn of G20 protest scale

Police and protesters at the G8 in Edinburgh in 2005Protesters previously targeted the G8 in Edinburgh in 2005

Known activists are planning in an “unprecedented” way ahead of next month’s G20 summit in London, the Metropolitan Police have warned.

Cdr Bob Broadhurst, in charge of the policing operation, said anarchists and environmentalists were plotting a series of demonstrations.

Groups active in the late 1990s were re-emerging and forming new alliances to protest at the meeting, he said.


“Clearly there are some very innovative and clever people and they know our tactics,” Cdr Broadhurst said. “They want to stop the City on the Wednesday – that is their avowed intention.”


Students were also involved in larger numbers than before, he said, and there was some evidence that foreign activists were heading to the UK to take part in the protests.

Police are expecting activists to block streets and hold demonstrations heading in several directions at once.

“Hitting us at the same time for a day, that is the stretch, that is causing the issues, rather than protecting people, which is our core business,” said Cdr Broadhurst.

He added: “There will be times when protest comes up against security and they are not always happy bedfellows.”  –more–


“Clairaudience; a member of AboveTopSecret.com”

G20 Protests – Will you make a stand?;
I don’t think there will be a false-flag, but I do think it will get out of control. The police will be pretty harsh, but well, we will too….

Good to see you being active, I’ll hope more ATS’lers are going to join!



There is a twitter feed in the right hand column giving updates on developments in the protests.

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