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Food Riots – a sign of things to come?

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There is so much written about the coming chaos. And to remember the crash and the hyperinflation of the thirties one would have to be around eighty years old. So must of us would have not a clue. Mind you the people of Gaza probably understand hard times, and prisoners who have survived wars.


Preparing for Civil Unrest in America

Nothing will fix America. Humpty Dumpty has broken and can’t be put back together again. The financial elite knows this and are preparing for the next phase: The clampdown on dissent.   Travellev


The Protest Movement

When people across America, whose lives have been shattered and destroyed, come to realize the true face of the global “free market” system, the legitimacy of  Wall Street, the Federal Reserve and the US administration will be challenged.

A latent protest movement directed against the seat of economic and political power is unfolding.

How this process will occur is hard to predict. All sectors of American society are potentially affected: …  Michel Chossudovsky


The sociology of the food riot is pretty straightforward: The usually impoverished majority of citizens may acquiesce to the rule of detested corrupt and repressive regimes when they are preoccupied with the daily struggle to feed their children and themselves, but when circumstances render it impossible to feed their hungry children, normally passive citizens can very quickly become militants with nothing to lose. That’s especially true when the source of their hunger is not the absence of food supplies but their inability to afford to buy the available food supplies. And that’s precisely what we’re seeing in the current wave of global food-price inflation. As Josette Sheeran of the U.N. World Food Program put it last month, “We are seeing food on the shelves but people being unable to afford it.”

When all that stands between hungry people and a warehouse full of rice and beans is a couple of padlocks and a riot policeman (who may be the neighbor of those who’re trying to get past him, and whose own family may be hungry too), the invisible barricade of private-property laws can be easily ignored. Doing whatever it takes to feed oneself and a hungry child, after all, is a primal human instinct. So, with prices of basic foods skyrocketing to the point that even the global aid agencies — whose function is to provide emergency food supplies to those in need — are unable, for financial reasons, to sustain their current commitments to the growing army of the hungry, brittle regimes around the world have plenty of reason for anxiety.   Tony Karon


Sarkozy under pressure as French protests hit streets

By James Mackenzie

PARIS (Reuters) – Up to three million people took to the streets of France on Thursday for a second round of protests against President Nicolas Sarkozy’s handling of the economic crisis and to demand more help for struggling workers.

The rallies, which polls say are backed by three-quarters of the French public, reflect growing disillusion with Sarkozy’s reforms as tens of thousands jobs are lost to the downturn.

Several hundred youths clashed briefly with police at the end of the main union rally in Paris, highlighting the tensions in France, which has a long tradition of public demonstrations.  Reuters


… the current situation with the US national debt may end with a new war. The war will destroy excessive liquidity and the current debt.

“The war in Iraq began to delay the US crisis, which started brewing in the US economy at the end of 2000,” he said.

The Americans have been trying to raise their economy with the help of military actions for decades, since the Great Depression of the 1930s. A war boosts the nation’s industry, even if a recovery is based on defense orders. Pravda

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March 22, 2009 at 1:43 am

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