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The Bloggers, the internet and the world’s zeitgeist is focusing on Jewish power. Exemplified by the financial crisis and brought on by the phony ‘war on terror’.


The NeoCons or Zionists or Israel Lovers are still in control, having to monitor and interfere with anyone of opposition. But their very tenets are being questioned: Interest rates, Fiat money the media etc. Still they are in control of the Mainstream Media and the Politicians but it cannot last.


People are learning not to attack the Jews for being Jews:

I don’t care one way or another about ‘Jews’. Quite frankly, I would like to believe that race, creed, color and national origin doesn’t mean squat to me. I take people as I find them and I keep or lose them according to what they are as a person and not whatever outfit they got themselves self-described in. I have no problem with any group of people related to what they were born into. I sometimes have a problem with where they’ve gone with it since.          Smoking Mirrors


It seems for thousands of years a jewish way of life has relied on being bankers of one sort or another, and now it is crumbling. Can the bankers redress the system into a world currency or some other form of patchwork or can we outgrow Fiat money?

What would happen to Israel and Jewish power if there were no more banks, insurance companies and fiat money? We all want to get through this without violence. But the tiny top 2% still feel their hold on the reigns. It is time to reeducate them and us. Our colleges and media educate us to believe in utility, productivity, advertising and consumption. we are all indoctrinated.


Currently the EU is set to ban Holocaust denial, the United States is about to rescue Jews in Yemen, and the entire US congress (minus five members) recently supported Israels onslaught into Gaza. All show the Jewish power. Meanwhile the UK and the US are printing money as if it will avoid a meltdown. And a hidden army interferes with any individuals who examine, criticise or blame the Jews.


Most Jews don’t have a clue about the workings and shenanigans of Jewish power. Most Israelis do, at least the ones who go abroad, it all started in the army – say no more. A prerequisite for enforcing power is to interfere in a persons personal life. In the electronic age, the phone and email are easy tools.


Where is it all going to end up? If violence is to be avoided then surrendering monetary control is required. Unfortunately wars and fear within populations will seem more attractive. For all the efforts to keep the Jews ‘in the fold’ the only hope is for the Jews to rise up against their Jewish masters and say: enough corruption, enough spin, enough of making us go against the human spirit, of making us police for a hegemony we are not interested in.


But the Jews in power will also take out heretical Jews.


Yet as Smoking Mirrrors says:

You can lock us up and you can make us disappear but you cannot make what we are disappear. You can’t lock up liberty and you can’t make the truth disappear. However many of us you lock up; you only set more of us free in the streets. However many of us you disappear, even more will appear to replace us. It doesn’t matter how it works. What matters is that it does.   Smoking Mirrors


For those in power the racism of israel is equally relavent for Jews everywhere, every Jew should be waving the flag.

Written by morris

March 22, 2009 at 12:23 am

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