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Dead Palestinian babies and bombed mosques – IDF fashion 2009

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Graphic picture and slogans and descriptions in the article.

Can Haaretz turn the Israeli psyche around?

Or is it a campaign being orchestrated throughout the israeli media? Ynetnew has nothing like it, so maybe it is only Haaretz

I remember the black civil rights movement in the USA. It felt as if you could not turn the TV, Radio or a Newspaper without hearing about the inequality the blacks had. And it worked, it defused a potentially revolutionary situation.


Today Netanyahu got a 14 day extension to form a coalition. Wonder what happens if he cannot make a Government? Will that mean a new election? Since the feb 12 elections Israelis have had some time to digest their new found pariah status in the family of nations, surely this would create a different election result. Probably more polarisation which just means a Left force would appear.


Haaretz also has an article rationalising Israel’s tactics and aims, but wait – look at this excerpt from it, which the authour later vilifies.

What is with these blights on the backside of humanity? A vast war machine pretending to be a tiny country, a mobilized citizenry sterilized of morality, drained of compassion, bereft of conscience, bestial in war, imperial in ambition, Goliathized in its marriage of high tech and high explosive; incorrigibly bigoted bullying simpletons, little more than racists who vote for racists, fascists who fall for fascists, an embarrassment to the West, an embarrassment to the Jews, an embarrassment, at root, to the progressive individual who asks the question.

The racist Israeli fascist in me

Written by morris

March 21, 2009 at 12:24 am

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