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Man is no longer rational, nor can he be trusted with free markets

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Excerpts to bait you to read it all:

Everything we know about economic behavior must be reviewed and rethought … right back to the root… Back before nationalism, socialism, capitalism and blind patriotism.

Humans are now at odds with economics, and classically trained economists are as relevant as the steam engine. …

On what rational scale can a classic economist argue that the consumption of food by wealthy, non-failed nation states is anything but destructive and self-defeating, when that food is poison at the consumption end of a system of free choice and unfettered markets? Far from acting in their best interests, the Western world’s diet is killing its host, trading sustainable health, happiness and manageable costs for spectacular profits for a handful of smiling clowns, faux kings, and creepy old Kentucky Colonels.

In the end, maximum utility turns out to be a Frankenstein monster.

There will be a fight to be sure. In America, there is no question but to do what it takes to get everything back to the past as fast as possible. Americans want to reset the machine and keep on playing. …

Once this economic storm has passed, the wreckage left behind will have been busted back to humility, and man will take his place amongst – and not above – the world around him. Man has built a civilization so complex and over-reaching that it no longer obeys the rules he wrote for it so very long ago.

Aetius Romulous


Written by morris

March 20, 2009 at 2:21 pm

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