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A den of thieves – Israeli coalition talks

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There is now the issue of whether Barak will enter into a government with Bibi. As if it matters. A ship with no rudder and a leak is the reason there is no government agreement already. Barak presided as Defense Minister over Israel’s worst moments, Lebanon, Georgia and Gaza. And he is offered as a charm character for a Bibi Lieberman Government. We say in English: ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’. The Israeli elite are awash with funds, they know the end is coming and they know the end will be systemic and affect the whole world. So there is nothing they should do.

They don’t have a clue what their enemies are doing, or they wouldn’t have had so many recent disasters. Will Barak put on a more palatable face to the world for the new Government? No not at all. Will he insure the lucrative Israeli armaments industry continues to connive its way around the world? Yes.

Do not search the blogs or YouTube for recent entries on Israel. It is all bad. The world is noxious and angry about Israel and its supporters, but hell who cares, the Monsantos and AIGs are making a killing. And they encourage a select few to write favourably. Will Bibi even be able to form a government at all – within the legal time limit? And how long till the next war?

The view from America is a reference on to the Zionist lobby:

America a rapidly declining country destroyed by gratuitous wars and shyster banksters?


There is nothing to offer for Israels survival from Bibi, Lieberman, Barak or Livni. The electorate chose them. The responsibility is with the media and the secret powers behind, presumably a mix of High finance and the Religious.

Judaism is clever, but it has all gone wrong.

Until truth as an ideal is resurrected, the word ‘chosen’ is banished, the character assassination squads are disbanded, the perpetual denial of human rights and enforcement of collective punishment are all forgotten.

But then, why should a ruling elite dissolve itself? When it can hold on. It just requires deception, false flags, coercement and endless wars.

When an Israeli Government can speak against warring with Afghanistan and Muslims then it will have a chance. And speak about compensation and equal rights for the Palestinians then the country will no longer need to breed lies and criminals, nor will it have to consort with the most devious of souls.

The most likely outcome of the cocoon the Israelis are in is: to be ruled by Muslims.

ps. And what were Barak’s last actions? Instigating the Gaza assault before the US elections hoping opportunistically to drag America in, or at least to ‘get away with it’ prior to the Obama administration. And then miraculously making a unilateral ceasefire on the eve of Obama’s inauguration. Maybe the insiders know that he was not the real hawk behind it all, well that don’t count.

So what about all the vested interests in the Israeli labour camp? Unions, Insurance companies, Mafias. Should they just let the other parties walk away with the profits?

They should listen to Avram Burg former head of Labor party:

Pull back to the 67 borders. And Israelis have become hostages to the messianic settlers.


Avram Burg Videos Feb 12th. Democraacy Now




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March 20, 2009 at 2:26 am

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