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Lieberman as Foreign Minister

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How has a reputed racist risen to the top in Israel? Has he lead the people into a frenzy of hatred. I doubt it. Like any leader he has captured the zeitgeist, the public mood. He seems to have mostly Russians and settlers on the occupied territories as supporters. And successive labour governments let the settlements swell.

The shadow bankers are under fire for derailing the world economy, for manipulating central banks. And so it must be in Israel. There is some kind of shadow power driven to form a greater Israel. Huge subsidies totaling billions have funded the settlements, and have attracted Jews who don’t want to cohabitate with the natives. Not any average Diasporic liberal Jew would go to live on a settlement. This is how a reputed racist has risen to the top.

What can Lieberman do as Foreign minister? Only with regard to his native Russia might he be able to pull rabbits out of a hat. As for the rest of the world pure coercement is all that is possible. Arm twisting – top heavy – with no grass roots. Meanwhile the money will continue to pay for settlements.

The chances of Lieberman, Bibi and other right wing hard liners painting themselves into a corner is quite likely. Unable to compromise with Hamas, Hizbollah, Iran, the US and most of the Diaspora, war as conquest, as solution, with their backers in the corporate armaments industry might well be the outcome.

Written by morris

March 18, 2009 at 12:50 am

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