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Lieberman’s Israel Beiteinu party and the Jewish Religion

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If we are collectively steeped in the romanticism of our forefathers, thence we stir conflict.

In the occult, in Spiritualism and mysticism there is every possibility to tune in to past souls and events. Yet to make this institutional begets fascism.

Just as the law allowing an occasional drink on a celebratory occasion has now been diluted to cultures totally dependent on its consumption.

How many revel in being descendants of Muhammad or any other myriad of past famous people, it is not unique to the Jews, but Jewish power ensures there is such a daily diet in the media. And even lesser ancestors become a reason to fight for supremacy.

To be clear: May we adore our forefathers, but can we also have a perspective? Not mythologize this into a reason to live.

Niqnaq explains the rise of Fascism in Israel (My emphasis in red):




I think this is quite an interesting and important point, especially because the halachically [religious law] non-Jewish Russian immigrants are a part of the Israeli population that is being played upon in a devious manner by Avigdor Lieberman’s Israel Beiteinu party. This is arguably the primary purpose of its name – “Israel is our (the ‘Russians’) home too.” For an example of how nasty Russian Israelis can be, check this out:
dead rabinz: russian israeli hardcore


The reason for Russian-Israeli bitterness is quite simple, though this is one of the things that the cowardly and hypocritical political correctness of the supposed ‘liberal consensus’ regards as too indelicate to mention. Nevertheless, here it is. Jews serve an instrumental, political-social function in western society, namely, to symbolise the sacred nature of the accident of birth. This saves the hereditary aristocracies from having to justify and sacralise themselves directly (though they do this, in their own way, by means of masonic and chivalric societies). The way it works is this: it is considered ‘anti-semitic,’ in the sense of ‘racist,’ to question the idea that some people are ‘born Jewish’ and others are not. At the same time, it is possible to ‘become a Jew’ by ‘conversion’, but this is intentionally and quite conspicuously made as difficult and humiliating as possible, and it is well-known that many Jews (and by no means only religious ones) consider ‘converts’ to be ‘not really Jews at all.’ Anyway, it is impossible for a convert to recreate the intimate interweaving of everyday life and ritual observance that characterise the orthodox Jewish childhood — believe me, I have examined this supposed possibility in great detail. Thus, the convert is always ‘lax in his observance,’ …


The point of all this is that, by example, it implies that accidents of birth have religious, indeed sacred, significance, and ‘protecting the Jews’ becomes a way of legitimising one’s own ‘aristocracy,’ while at the same time demonstrating its ‘liberality.’ …


The Russian Israelis, as a group, are riddled with halachically non-Jewish members — every family has at least one — and this puts them at the receiving end of the home-grown Israeli-Jewish version of this sacred racism, which is a highly concentrated and exceptionally reactionary form, as you all know. So naturally, the Russian Israelis internalise the underlying premise, and react by saying, “We may not be ‘Jewish’, but at least we’re white.” Thus, as the Dead Rabinz video demonstrates, they are at the head of the racist persecution of the Ethiopians.


Written by morris

March 18, 2009 at 12:30 pm

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