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Ynet: Iranian Jews drafted and time to get realistic on Iran

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Ynet has an article on Iranian Jews: ‘Review of Iranian Jews’ financial situation’. Saying their income is comparable to middle class muslims wages. But under the Shah the Jews were at the top of the business ladder. Raking in millions. The article says there are 20,000 Jews, elsewhere I have read more .

Then there is the gratuitous third party claim of Ahmedinijad having Jewish roots and changing his surname to hide it. Unfortunately I once presented an Israeli TV report saying Putin had Jewish roots which seemed to turn out false. What is the message? No one can be successful unless there is Jewish blood?

What is surprising is that Jews are drafted into the army. So in a conflict are they expendable?

(Jews are drafted by the army just like the rest of Iran’s citizens),


Ynet also has an opinion piece based on Israel’s ex head of Military Intelligence saying Israel can’t do much to Iran without America. But the article concentrates on the publics reaction to his statement which believes the IDF is invincible. Surprising to hear a sobering article from Israeli MSM. This article is here: And how has the electorate become so divorced from reality?

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March 17, 2009 at 1:58 am

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