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Feeling sorry for Israel

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Israel is financed by the Diaspora, mostly Madoff types, a racist state hellbent on war crimes evolved. All they did was what their paymasters nurtured and wanted.

Now they’ve become a pariah state, and with such a suddenness. If the avalanche of anti Israeli criticism now under way were not there it would be focused on Jews everywhere.

With so much dubious money being pumped into Israel, no group of Israelis could possibly fight it. A nation of the vicious has arrived. Only a spiritual awakening could turn Israel around. And any such iconoclastic person appearing would literally be shot down.

So onwards criminality. Till the next war. No one can undo the apparatus. All those 18 year olds maturing into a fervoured nationalism.

To save Israel would require that Israel turn on its paymasters, perhaps that is inevitable, of course only a bitter war experience would make such a reality.

The torture, kidnapping, assassinations, exporting military advisers, plotting overseas domination, seeing the world through a racist prism . Undermining human trust – anywhere and at all times.

Fiat money is the problem, For the world, for the Jews and for Israel. Now it is being printed like never before. Still not prepared to give it up, a whole troop of servants can be bought. Yet hyperinflation will be the death knell. Fiat money is the tool of the elite.

The power of the Diaspora (and Israelis abroad) is entrenched: The US, Canada and now the EU are plotting to boycott Durban2. Better to call it: ‘delaying the avalanche’.

Written by morris

March 17, 2009 at 10:12 am

Posted in fiat money, israel

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