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US top military commander speaks of unintended consequenses of Iran attack

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What could be the unintended consequences of attacking Iran? iran can close the oil supply route, it can attack US Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, but these cannot be considered ‘unintended consequences’.

Would Turkey withdraw from NATO – probably. Would Russia and or China support Iran? Probably, once Iran proved itself by lasting a few days. Would Pakistan assist Iran when over 90% of its population detests Americas ‘war on terror’?


What I worry about in terms of an attack on Iran is in addition to the immediate effect, the effect of the attack, it’s the unintended consequences, Mullen said. “So I worry about the responses and I worry about it escalating in ways that we couldn’t predict.” […]

As Western doubts linger over the success of any Israeli military plan against Iran as well as Tehran’s retaliation warnings, the US is expected to be involved ‘voluntarily or forcibly’ in a potential war against Iran.


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March 16, 2009 at 1:33 pm

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