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Uri Avnery ascribes Zionisms rise to the general rise of nationalism throughout Europe.

However the nationalism of Europe was secular by nature. Ethnic perhaps, although currently all that remains are multi cultural nation states that are blending into the EU.

That might explain Israel’s extremism. Based on biblical law and consequently faith in God. So far it has held the country and the Jewish nation together.

Yet there are secular Jews and they are held together by a culture, their voice is suffocated by the religious nationalists. This religious nationalism seems to be what gave the Iranians the strength to overthrow the CIA backed regime.

I can’t help think Iran could be Israel’s best friend. The Jews of Iran do not want to live in Israel – even with financial incentives. And there has been a long history of clandestine trade between Israel and Iran.

If only the Israelis would give the Palestinians a break, a right to self determination. This is the contentious point with Iran and everyone else. There isn’t a country in the world that wouldn’t recognise an Israel within the 67 borders.

Now the messianic call has dwarfed all reason. It will push the secular Jews to question the value of Judaism and if there are myths that have been exaggerated truths.

The treatment of the Palestinians resembles Sadomasochism. That surely is not Jewish, which begs the question: ‘what else isn’t Jewish’? Actually quite a few things, ‘Laws’ that we live by…

Written by morris

March 16, 2009 at 11:07 am

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