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A call for the right to Jewish self determination

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It is now nothing but a mafia. The young in Israel are drafted into an army and made into war criminals. Then farmed out to continue in their careers of domination.

The worldwide extraordinary jewish influence requires manpower. And Jews are coerced to help. Turning individuals into robots and soldiers. What can be said and thought is governed. The carrot and stick is everpresent.

The monolithic exercise of coercement, taxation and denial of others natural direction can only be enforced by those who have also endured a denial of individuality.

Where is a jewish Gorbachev? To dismember the imperialist nation. A jew who speaks of peace is ostracized and punished. There is a whole army at the ready to fulfill character assassination on a daily basis.

So let’s watch the Titanic sink. Actually many survived the Titanic and the Zeppelin!

It’s just a shame to commit atrocities in the name of the Jews.

Death is terrible, so is murder. Yet it is necessary to say the NeoCons have got to get burned for dragging everyone into poverty, hardship and conflict. This according to the Jewish oligarchy is treason, so short sighted are they.

Entrapment, stitching up, all insidious tools are used, all about camouflaging the truth, making things look other than they are. This is what the educated have delivered too.

Written by morris

March 16, 2009 at 11:35 am

Posted in israel, Jews, Mafia, Neocons

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