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Was Iraq for oil? No.

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Countries by the size of their (supposed) oil reserves

Countries by the size of their (supposed) oil reserves


Was Iraq for oil?


In fact Iraqi oil was embargoed for ten years (and smuggling proliferated). It permitted Saddam to be defiant, much as it permits the Iranians and Russians, so it is not the oil the imperialists are after, it is the need to deny any independence through income to others.

It is dubious if the cost of the Iraq war can ever be repaid, and the oil concessions have been going to Chinese and other countries, yet America remains – for Israel.


Here is a typical comment (interestingly not heard very often in Britain):

On an article:


No one can ever say anything about Israel or they are condemned as a monster and a pariah in league with the Nazis. The Israelis are dictating our foreign policy and getting us into all kinds of wars and are protected by our politicians who know damned well if they dare speak out their careers are over. This latest example is another in a long line. Enough is enough! –source–

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March 15, 2009 at 12:06 am

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