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Video – Chas Freeman – Democracy Now – ‘ISRAEL SUBVERTS US GOV.’

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Intel Pick Withdraws Nomination, Blasts Israel Lobby

The Obama administrations pick to become the nations top intelligence analyst has withdrawn his nomination after an intense lobbying campaign by backers of Israeli government policies. Former US Ambassador Charles Chas Freeman had come under Republican-led opposition over his comments criticizing Israels occupation of Palestinian land. Freeman has years of diplomatic experience, including stints as US ambassador to Saudi Arabia and assistant secretary of defense. Some Democrats joined in on the opposition to Freemans appointment.

Everyone is writing about this guy

Uri Avnery was happy he was appointed

And JewsSansFrontiere makes a point:


Now I don’t know this guy from Adam but I don’t like these people that climb the greasy pole of the US bureaucracy only to cry foul when they fail to get a certain post when they must be aware of quite a lot of fouls on their way nearly to the top. So I don’t know if what he is saying is true or not but what he is complaining of together with the mainstream media silence makes it look very much like an Israel lobby job –source–


Former Top Intel Candidate Responds To Critics : NPR


Written by morris

March 12, 2009 at 12:33 am

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