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Uri Avnery – dangerous stakes

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For Israel and a peacelover Uri Avnery is the best hope.

Not that his movement has members in the Knesset. But he has his fingers on the pulse, is well connected and knows the mood on the ground.

How he managed to convey optimism while portraying a peace movement in dire straits is a measure of his abilities.

His message is there is no room for John Lennon types. No peaceful one state because of the realities.

He didn’t mention world Jewry and its influence nor any relationship between financial powers (like Israel’s armament industry) and political persuasion.

He made me wonder about the settlers and where they are financed from. He certainly made it clear that they are dangerous and have supporters inside Israel proper.

No doubt he has compromised some ideals in order to proffer a pragmatic approach. There is no point in even suggesting a one state solution was his message. The Israelis won’t entertain it. He also said (thinks to a heckler, planted or otherwise) the comparison with South Africa is inappropriate because there was never a question of South Africa becoming anything other than One state.

The eloquence and articulation was a little confusing for a self perceived ‘progressive’. He made it clear that nationalism is the preeminent religion – by far – and that it started in the 19th Century.

And also raised the spectre of mutual annihilation – if things continue as they have been. He clearly called for recognition (in so many words) of Hamas. And a requirement for peace is a recognition of the injustices done to the Palestinians.

He was an Israeli, concerned for Israel more than any concern for Judaism, although he did reference jewish thought and identity.

And like Gideon Levy thought it best for a right wing Government to form, ‘including Fascists’ – and let them bury themselves – for all to see.

ps. the 2nd and 3rd posts before this have sound recordings (and a video) of his speech.

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March 9, 2009 at 4:14 pm

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