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If we need a rethink. If we recognise the need for reordering. Identifying what is wrong is: ‘the pyramid’.

Throughout history we see a select few at top and the masses below. Even Communism had this.

Now with globalisation we are beyond the Emperors and Kings. It’s as if the ‘bone’ that is thrown is ‘nationalism’. In most instances this disguises the reality.

Global financiers now control the governments, yet the people rush off to war as if they are helping their nation.

We just need to think about an alternative to the pyramid. Within the upper peak of the pyramid people compete for their positions. And no one is ready to let their position go.

But we the masses are left farther and farther behind. In short: the pyramid is shrinking.

How dramatic to say: ‘The end of our civilisation approaches’ and how true.

After the deluge there’ll be pacifism. Spin, chaos and confusion is encouraged. False identities, commodities and vaccines. Collecting identities is now called phishing. It is all symptomatic of deception.

If you are as worried as me then you’ll also be thinking for solutions. The ‘nationalism’ has become stunting, instead of allowing people to learn from each other, it just means taking and giving orders.

Perpetuating the delusion is ‘Fiat Money.

Written by morris

March 9, 2009 at 7:03 pm

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