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The simplicity of money and how they made you a willing slave long long ago

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Cecil Rhodes is more of a historical figure than most people know .

He had a diamond mine and a diamond company called De beers — a name you may have heard of .

He had work force which was not dependent upon cash . They were mostly black farmers who worked the mines in exchange for cash which they used to trade with the Dutch and English settlers. Cecil Rhodes cut their pay in half and the workers left . They no longer found it a fair trade and went home to their farms. They could feed themselves and surivive without cash and as a result Rhodes had no way to force them back into his mines

The government was then asked to impose a tax in cash — and thus force the workers off their farms and back into his mine . It was a success . The government sold the people to the De beers corporation by the introduction of a tax.

The government got it’s share from the labour — the workers paid — the mine company and diamond export corporation now had the stick it needed to force labour on the terms of the corporation.

The lesson is ridiculously simple.

We the people never learned it and suffer today as a result .


The government prints money — it is the only entity allowed to do that — The money is circulated at interest —

100 dollars printed equals 110 dollars owed .

That equals slavery as all money equals a debt that can not be repaid .


Written by morris

March 9, 2009 at 7:20 pm

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