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Re Barak: Haaretz goes for the jugular

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Barak must be seeing stars. He did just what the electorate wanted, waged a savage assault on Gaza, and lost everything. — And so did Israel —




Start over, without Barak

By Avirama Golan
His Labor Party colleagues will have to evict Ehud Barak from the defense minister’s office by force. Or perhaps, to remain in a key post, he will prefer to split in half what is left of his party, or even abandon the veteran movement that provided him with a convenient springboard to power. Either way, Labor will emerge from this affair even more badly wounded.


Barak is indeed one of the victims of the Labor Party’s collapse, but he is also one of the causes of its collapse in the last election. There was not a single political move he did not fumble. First, he promised to demand Ehud Olmert’s resignation if the law enforcement agencies recommended indicting him, then he dragged his feet on keeping this promise. Finally, when it became clear that calls for Olmert’s resignation were emerging from the prime minister’s own party, Kadima, Barak suddenly hastened to demand that Olmert resign, and ran full tilt into an election campaign that focused, if anyone still remembers, on corruption. –more–


Meet Character Assassination – Israeli style:

The (Jewish World) culture is so full of spin, who even knows if there is truth in it?

Anyway he was so far removed from humanity, he did a disservice to everyone.

And as he was also there for Lebenon 2 it becomes arguable if he was the destroyer of Israel. Yet his successors will probably outdo him.

Product of a faulty philosophy …

Barak has a reputation as a security genius, and he is probably hoping to be man of the hour in any situation based on that reputation. But even a defense minister has to be first and foremost a politician. Had he been one, he should have figured out how not to carry out a military operation that was so successful that it turned the entire world against us and made the terrorist organization Hamas the subject of worldwide sympathy and deserving of financial aid – while the missiles continue to fly.  –more–

The following pic and caption are not from Haaretz:


“Look – Obama – you don’t have to do a thing”

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