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Judaism conflating

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What is happening in the jewish world today

As an aspiration corporate takeovers continue

Wars continue

Fiat money expansion

The young are inculcated to obey and further the conquest

The national and ethnic identity is fed from profits. Therefore insuring a lopsided orientation of human understanding.

And as the entire system tanks, no reforms are anywhere to be seen.

A ticket to failure. All through not sharing, not sharing what the aims are nor the tactics nor the reality.

The ideology of ancestral inheritance and matriarchal worship will remain as the lasting jewish influence even when the empire and system collapses. It was a hell of a sacrifice.

Millions have died

The impoverished became enemies, the renegades withstood character assassination, the foreign disparagers died.

The system became intransigent, a long list of taboos, and everyone had to robotically approve of the unnatural.

Yet the right and the propellers of the system remain on top. They are united in their (seemingly messianic) goals. While the left is at loggerheads with each other. Tetchiness has become the hallmark of the jewish world. Witness the calls of anti-semitism on any criticism. And the recriminations between all those on the left (and humanist) with something to say is quite extraordinary and apparent.

If it is not corruption separating, it is a myriad of issues. Jewish Tribal politics, socialism, sexuality, politicking, zionism, anti zionism.

The only thing that is clear is everyone is in the dark from the deeper conspiracies that are governing.

Divide and rule geo politically – and internally too!

Babel …

Written by morris

March 4, 2009 at 11:39 am

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