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More on Israeli spy in Hizbollah

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This news is now two weeks old, maybe you missed it, it is here because todays Haaretz had an article (see previous post) on a Hizbollah interview with Le Figaro.

About the Israeli Spy





Hizbullah penetrated… Hitchens ridiculed

24, February, 2009 by zentor

‘“Any time more than three or four vehicles stopped in the same place, that place needs to be abandoned,” says the security official, who has worked closely with the group for decades. “So that includes not just homes, safe houses and offices, but more importantly, their military headquarters, operational areas, bunkers. All the new things that have been built or put into place since the end of the 2006 war could be lost to them. They have been very busy since January moving everyone and everything to new locations.” The security official seemed to agree with the assessment of another military intelligence official, who said even the paths travelled by each vehicle around Lebanon – if observed for years – would show a wealth of patterns and habits by officials that could help the Israelis. The group might be forced to rethink almost all of its procedures. “They might not have known exactly who was in the vehicle at any given moment, but the Israelis now have a clear view of how the group moves, what lines you can draw from place to place. “It’s just an unbelievable logistical problem for any army, let alone a secret resistance group,” the security official added.’





Cousin Of Alleged 9/11 Hijacker Exposed As Israeli Spy

Another Israeli intelligence connection to 2001 attacks on New York and Washington

Cousin Of Alleged 9/11 Hijacker Exposed As Israeli Spy 190209top

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Thursday, February 19, 2009

The cousin of alleged 9/11 hijacker Ziad al-Jarrah has been exposed as a long standing Israeli spy in yet another startling intelligence connection between the Zionist state and the attacks on New York and Washington.

A New York Times report details how Ali al-Jarrah was a highly valued spy for Israel for no less than 25 years, sending reports and taking clandestine photographs of Palestinian groups and Hezbollah since 1983.

According to the article, “From his home in this Bekaa Valley village, Mr. Jarrah, 50, traveled often to Syria and to south Lebanon, where he photographed roads and convoys that might have been used to transport weapons to Hezbollah, the Shiite militant group, investigators say. He spoke with his handlers by satellite phone, receiving “dead drops” of money, cameras and listening devices. Occasionally, on the pretext of a business trip, he traveled to Belgium and Italy, received an Israeli passport, and flew to Israel, where he was debriefed at length, investigators say.”

To emphasize how highly regarded he was by Israel, Israeli officials even assured Jarrah that his town would be spared at the outset of the 2006 Lebanon-Israel conflict and that it was safe for him to stay at home.


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