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Israeli spies in Hizbollah

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Hezbollah ‘ready for any confrontation with Israel’

By Haaretz Service

Last update – 19:23 28/02/2009
The Hezbollah deputy chief says his organization is ready for any confrontation with Israel, but that a war “was not in Israel’s interest” following its “defeat” in the Second Lebanon War in 2006.


Asked his opinion on the recent election results in Israel, Naim Qassem told French newspaper Le Figaro that he saw “no difference between [Tzipi] Livni, [Ehud] Barak and [Benjamin] Netanyahu.” He added that “Israel remains an aggressor state.” –more–

Couldn’t find what Haaretz said Hizbollah said in Le Figaro, but anyway here is the Figaro article online (Translated by Google). See the post above this for a bloggers (more revealing) view.

Lebanon is hunting the Israeli spies


A propaganda poster in the southern suburbs of Beirut, the Shiite neighborhood, a stronghold of Hezbollah. Photos: Jenny Matthews / Panos / REA
The arrest of several officers in the pay of the Jewish state led Hezbollah to increase their vigilance.

IN the southern suburbs of Beirut, Hezbollah stronghold, suspicion reigns. A traffic officer, whose party affiliation is not in doubt, ignore claims where the press office of the “resistance”, however, located a few meters from the junction, and marked by a discreet sign. Hassan, a young resident of the neighborhood, likes to tell how one evening he quietly followed the driver of a vehicle parked outside his house unusually … “Remember that this area has been the subject of a systematic destruction, it remains a target for Israel, “he says to justify its access to care.


The proven effectiveness of the security system of Hezbollah, which relies on the support of the Shiite community and a very strict organization, has been very badly shaken a year ago by the assassination in Damascus of one of the main leaders of the party, Imad Moghniyé. The announcement of the recent arrest of a network of Israeli spies “also fuels rumors of a new hole in the shell.


According to the Lebanese press, these discoveries have forced Hezbollah to initiate a major rethink of security measures which he surrounds himself. The coup de filet most recent was announced this month. It concerns a certain Marwan Faqih, who owned a service station in Nabatiyeh in southern Lebanon, who was recruited in France by the Israeli in the 1990s. In the absence of official information, newspapers are full of revelations about it. According to the daily Al Balad, he was the principal supplier of Hezbollah vehicles and equipping them with satellite transmitters.


The theory is well underway

In November, the Lebanese authorities released a photo of another spy, Ali Jarrah, who was unmasked and his brother Youssef. They operated from 1983 in another Hezbollah stronghold, the Bekaa Valley. These are the two most important taken since that of Mahmoud Rafeh in June 2006, reportedly confessed to the murder a month earlier, on behalf of Mossad, brothers Majzoud, two leaders of Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Lebanon. Her cell would also have killed two leaders of Hezbollah in 1999 and 2003 and in 2002, the son of Ahmed Jibril, leader of the PFLP-GC, a Palestinian organization.


The theory will also underway about the death this month in the area of the airport (controlled by Hezbollah) to a certain Joseph Sader, presented as a potential spy. Some consider his possible arrest by the “party of God”, which has acted in previous cases before the Lebanese security forces.


Interviewed by Le Figaro (see below), the number two Hezbollah denies the reality of the problem. “None of those who have been exposed in recent months has managed to infiltrate Hezbollah and we have never bought car Marwan Faqih. The information they have provided to the Mossad in the public domain, “said Sheikh Naim Kassem. He also denies that Hezbollah has been forced to reorganize its security system.


Nashabe for Omar, head of the court of the daily Al-Akhbar, one thing is certain: “Since the conflict in the summer of 2006, the Israelis have stepped up their operations in Lebanon, as their inability to achieve their goals of war, the elimination of Hezbollah, is largely attributable to the failure of their intelligence. This is one of the recommendations of the Winograd Commission, which was responsible for drawing lessons from the conflict in Israel. –source–

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