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Declassified NATO documents describing the West’s war strategy in Afghanistan

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AfricanCrisis Reports

Here is a declassified NATO document which I see is marked for “Official Use” only. Should I have this? Well, I do. (Sorry NATO!)

Anyhow, this document explains how they will fight the war in Afghanistan.

I notice the USA wants to withdraw from Iraq, where the war is easy to win, and they are focusing more on the war in Afghanistan, where it is more remote, and much more difficult to win!

I notice too the document contains all the sort of “Politically Correct”, hearts-and-minds junk which so far has never won a war.

I must be honest, I am very skeptical about the fact that the West wants to withdraw from Iraq but wants to win the war in Afghanistan. I fail to understand the military logic therein. Afghanistan is guerrilla territory. The Soviets lost there. I think the Afghans even beat the British there (I could be wrong). Iraq is a different kettle of fish. It is easier to fight there, and the terrain is largely flat. So the terrorist war there resembles the ANC’s terrorist war in South Africa’s townships – which I might add, it was not necessarily winning either! But Afghanistan is more like the war in Rhodesia. The terrain is well suited to terrorists.

So why leave the place where you can win easily, and go off and fight in the nightmare place? I still am not convinced that the War in Iraq is truly won.

The West, in my opinion, is stuffing around. They keep on wasting ever more money on these silly wars. These wars cost an arm and a leg, and at this time, the entire Western world’s financial system is in TOTAL MELTDOWN.

Read these documents below and realise that these wars will suck money out of the West for decades to come.

NATO Master Narrative 2008 (PDF) ( http://www.africancrisis.co.za/Docs/nato-mast…)

ISAF Stratcom Strategy 2008 (PDF) ( http://www.africancrisis.co.za/Docs/isaf-stra…)

HatTip: Pakalert

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March 3, 2009 at 5:46 pm

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