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Anarchism is it childish?

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The dictionary says anarchy is the free association of people without a leader.

The Spanish civil war is the period where Anarchists have had the greatest power, and they lost to Franco.

Hemingway might have been an informant for the Republic [anarchists] as well as a weapons instructor during the war


Both Fascist Italy .., and Nazi Germany,.. sent troops, aircraft, tanks, and other weapons to support Franco.



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Check Your Premises





Yes I know you feel like why bother….but you must realize all history on planet Earth is against total free anarchy….it may happen but it will not last….the thirty years war is a good example. No one was incharge during the European 30 years war….please go look up in history books or google some art images of the thirty years war. The populations of the world will demand after a period of time in Anarchy that some one put an end to it….then a Strong man of some sorts allways comes forth and takes up leadership….PRESTO ! YOU HAVE A DICTATOR! Anarchy always is followed by Powerful Dictators thru out history. Want another Hitler or Stalin? They are cruel but they maintain order which is what the people want….so do not think that Anarchy is the answer…it is only a device to bring people out of what they are in not a solution to their situation. Not trying to stiffle any rebeliousness….just think about what you are advocating.



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March 2, 2009 at 2:01 am

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