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A chilling video of American (war crimes) actions in Iraq at




Feb 26 08:45

Another 9/11 Truth Activist Found Dead

My good friend Paul Vigay was found washed up on the beach at Southsea on Friday morning, 20 Feb., after being reported missing the previous evening. Check out his brilliant 911 truth site ? which he put up and ran singlehandedly 911 Truth. … I believe he was optimistic and buoyant with all his future plans, and don?t even think of his wanting to take his own life. Did he just happen to go for a swim in the middle of February, and get drowned by a shore where he had lived for years? I don?t think so?.


Feb 26 08:16

Jews Are Guilty of Anti-Gentilism, Aren’t They ? It Has to Stop !

As a Gentile, I believe I’m being subjected to Anti-Gentilism

As a result of suffering this persecution lifelong, I am traumatised and believe I’m deserving of compensaying for my pain and loss

Where do I lodge my claim .. Israel ?

My solicitors have said I should claim for 300 million dollars at minimum




Former Peace Negotiators Call for End to Hamas Boycott

In an open letter obtained by SPIEGEL ONLINE, 14 former peace negotiators call on the Mideast Quartet to include Hamas in talks. The signatories include former Israeli Foreign Minister Ben-Ami and the UN’s former envoy to the Middle East Quartet. All agree a peace settlement “without Hamas will not be possible.” By Yassin Musharbash more…


The Letter:

There can be no peace without Hamas

If every crisis is also an opportunity, it is now time to rethink the strategy for achieving peace in the Middle East. The latest and bloodiest conflict between Israel and Hamas has demonstrated that the policy of isolating Hamas cannot bring about stability. As former peace negotiators, we believe it is of vital importance to abandon the failed policy of isolation and to involve Hamas in the political process.

An Israeli–Palestinian peace settlement without Hamas will not be possible. As the Israeli general and statesman Moshe Dayan said, “If you want to make peace, you don’t talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies.” There can be no meaningful peace process that involves negotiating with the representative of one part of the Palestinians while simultaneously trying to destroy the other.

Whether we like it or not, Hamas will not go away. Since its victory in democratic elections in 2006, Hamas has sustained its support in Palestinian society despite attempts to destroy it through economic blockades, political boycotts and military incursions. This approach is not working; a new strategy must be found.

Yes, Hamas must recognise Israel as part of a permanent […]




‘We’re Not Paying For Your Crisis!’

Anger rises in Germany as the economy falls. Trade unions and globalization-critical protesters are planning demonstrations in Berlin and Frankfurt under the banner: “We’re not paying for your crisis.” Alexis Passadakis, 31, an activist from the group Attac, tells SPIEGEL what’s wrong with the system.

Passadakis: We believe that the cost of the economic crisis should be footed by those who profited most from globalization.




Supermarket Cashier Becomes German Anti- Capitalist Hero

Barbara E. was fired for allegedly stealing 1.30 euros. Now, the German media has transformed a 50-year-old supermarket cashier into a national hero. Even senior German politicians have voiced their solidarity. more…

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