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Baluchistan: separatists CIA Pakistan Ahmed Qureshi

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What About America’s Responsibility For The ‘AfPak’ Mess?

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—A politician in Karachi comes out on GEO News to say Pakistan’s existence is ‘not sacred.’ The separatist-leaning government in Balochistan wants to bar ‘Pakistani settlers’ from the port city of Gwadar. And two Pakistani political parties – the Pashtun ANP and Karachi’s MQM – are itching for an ethnic war. Both of them are U.S. allies and their leaders have been flown secretly to Washington for talks. Interestingly, Karachi, Balochistan and the Pashtun areas control the supply route essential for maintaining U.S. military presence in Afghanistan. What part of this picture the Zardari government and the Pakistani military does not understand? When will they dismantle CIA outposts in Pakistan? –more–


An 1860 map of Baluchistan at:            Pakistan: Indian and Israeli intelligence agencies have ganged up ……………………..

How Much Sovereignty Has Pakistan Conceded?

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—Forget about Shamsi airbase in Balochistan. The Americans are using that one for Iran. There is an altogether different base for the drones in Balochistan. It’s a Pakistani piece of land that no Pakistani knows what’s inside. In fact, Pakistani air defense personnel are stationed inside the U.S. Embassy compound in Islamabad, where they ensure that CIA drones fly safely to kill Pakistanis and return to the base unharmed. –more–

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February 27, 2009 at 1:07 pm

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