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The Mother of all crashes

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Globalisation did bring joy to many, just think of all the gadgets, foods and clothes. And for the capitalists it was also a bonanza.

But how can it last another day?

Speaking for the UK and the US. We got no jobs and all we can make are weapons.

Globalisation was bad for the environment, who cared what happened in some faraway country reduced to mono cultivation for export?

And in the end our coveted service industries were outsourced.

If fiat money was a jewish notion then realize every other country adopted it. Except not every country went for a private Fed.

Printing money and making inflation is all that’s left. The ironical last stages of salvaging fiat money.

The old anarchist chime that the police are here to protect property and wealth from the needy will look glaringly true.

Soon the policing will be required to enforce fiat money, that of course will fail. The current crash is widely labeled as ‘systemic’.

For a replacement think: Feudalism, Communism, Protectionism, Xenophobia, Barter, gold standard. Expect the myriad of economic rules and requirements to disintegrate.

Maybe the talented will once again be able to rise.

Written by morris

February 24, 2009 at 1:32 am

Posted in Crash, economy

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