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Peace is our natural state

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My Mother believed in reincarnation, and also many other people I admire have too, like Osho and various Indian gurus. Whether it is ego based or simply a recycling of souls or of the vapour within us I do not know.

Assuming its validity I think at some time I was a Muhammadan, that is, a follower of Muhammad. Something about Islamic culture fascinates me. Maybe just because it is forbidden for a Jew. Mamnooa in Arabic means forbidden.

The Jews go Ape whenever I appear at an Islamic place, normally it is just an eating place. Hummus etc is a joy to eat. The Jews are well connected no doubt through money, and I am immediately seen next to criminal and undesirable elements.

I musn’t frequent any place, that would risk being spiked, I learned the hard way. So we plebs must stay racially segregated while the big nobs interact. Bush and Bin laden is a good example.

Few people realize how threatening the Arab and Islamic culture is to the Jews. It is full scale warfare, Good cop Bad cop routine, one corrupting the other saying take of the Kaffiyeh etc.

Without our lords and masters there would be peace immediately. But then I guess everyone knows that.

Our masters want fear and corruption and everything convoluted, and then to tax our every effort, which kills our souls.

Written by morris

February 23, 2009 at 2:35 am

Posted in Arabs, Jews, Muslims

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