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Am beginning to think the Jewish empire will collapse from the WASPs. All that folly of battling the Muslims. When the banks collapse in weeks or months and inflation sets in. The tirade against the jews which is already approaching a storm will crystallize.

Why are we being led to hate a people unnecessarily. The yesmen and yeswomen, the assimilated and the WASPs who faithfully show allegiance will vaporise, disappear. Which is a shame for all the thinking jews, the ones who have been sidelined.

While the loyal myopic jews who have been force fed to hate will be sought to pull all sorts of sordid falsities. What a mess. Who is leading us over the abyss? Dare no one ask?

With an obsession on race. And any obsession is an Achilles heel. The first thought of the ruling class of the obedient jew is: what race is somebody?

We need a new paradigm, new boundaries and points of relativity. But the old guard isn’t going to allow that. Yet it is coming. Cause the power base is shrinking. As is the economy.

Smut alone won’t keep us afloat. Is everyone going to be punished? Lose their homes, jobs and families?

The storm against the Jewish rule is gathering, undercurrents, resentments and whirlwinds. Still the counting, revenge and laws are dished out.

And the money pours into Israel, and Israel moves right, which can only hasten the divergence. Still the agents are hard at work, character assassinating, firing, sullying.

Worship the mother, the family and the state, always know the racial divide, no mixing no free trusting.

Written by morris

February 23, 2009 at 3:14 am

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